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Osanstua Kindergarden has as of today 9 permanent positions, but this will change as needed from the children group's composition.  We are 4 teachers, 1 Child care and youth worker and 4 assistants.

We have very good pedagog density, and staff have well over 100 years of experience with children.

We have high skills and much knowledge of special areas such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, hearing Heming, bilingual, problem behavior and language problems.



Beate H. Johansen

Managing Director

Education: Nurse, Kindergarten teacher  and special education teachers with additional training in supervision pedagogy.

Has worked for almost 20 years with children.



Tove Solem
Educational Leader

Education: kindergarten teacher, additional education within 6-10 years of pedagogy, special education, educational guidance.

Has worked 20 years with children.



Boyd Martin Hay


Education: kindergarten teacher, additional education in outdoor recreation and 6-10 years of pedagogy.

Has worked in over 15 years with children.



Veronika Ellingsen 

Education: Leadership, kindergarten teacher.

Worked almost 15 years with children.



Anette Rask

Child care and youth worker

Education: Children and youth discipline, additional training in special education and sign language.

Worked for over 10 years with children.



Brith Pedersen 

Education: Supplementation Education in Special Education.

Has worked with children for over 20 years.



Bjørg Gjendahl


Education: additional education within special education.

Worked in over 25 years with children.


Peter Vasshaug 
Temporary / Assistant 
Education: Completed secondary school



Marianne Langseth

Substitute / assistant, spesialpedagogisk resources. 
Education: Studied pedagogical assistent